for the week of deember 12th

festive forage catering menu

there’s still time to order off our festive menu and we’ve been adding things to the store to help with your entertaining! we have a duck liver mousse, duck terrine, ready to bake gouda and onion knish and red chard and feta spanakopita, cheeses, sausages, pickles, and the list goes on!

festive pick up party

having people over? our pick up party makes it easy – you choose 4 finger foods and 2 chip and dip items for a per person cost

tourtiere dinner

a classic tourtiere feast featuring a forage tourtiere, mashed potatoes, maple mustard roasted root vegetables, pear salad, and our quebec tomato ketchup – each dinner feeds 6-8 people. my christmas eve meal perfectly finished off with our pudding chomeur.

forage tourtiere

the tradition continues – frozen, ready to bake, broek pork and sunworks beef pie with savory herbs and manuel latruwe pastry. each tourtiere will feed 6-8 adults. great with our quebec tomato ketchup or cranberry chutney.

christmas dinner sides

available for pick up december 21st to 23rd (orders need to be in by december 20th) – just like our thanksgiving offering of sides to go with your dinner


we’ve got a gingerbread cake with molasses, pouding chomeur (maple syrup pudding cake), and a festive sweets tray

you can find the menu by clicking on the tab above.

here are the daily specials for the week of december 12th:

monday – bison mushroom meatballs

buffalo horn ranch bison meatballs in a mushroom sauce with cranberries served with cream cheese chive mashed potatoes and brown butter vegetables  $17

tuesday – butter chicken

sunworks farm organic chicken simmered with tomatoes, curry spices, cream, and butter served over basmati rice  $17  add cucumber raita salad  $5

wednesday – vegetable pot pie

carrots, peas, potatoes, parsnips, rutabaga, beans, and peppers in a light herb gravy with buttermilk biscuit top  $10  add a green salad  $6

thursday – baked spaghetti pie

spaghetti, ricotta, and forage meat sauce with broek pork acres pork baked with mozzarella on top  $10  add marinated vegetable salad  $6

friday – roast organic chicken

sunworks farm organic chicken served with buttermilk mashed potatoes and our famous gravy  $48 whole  $29 half  $16 quarter

roasted root vegetables add on $14 whole $9 half $6 quarter

saturday – caramelized onion & gouda quiche

gouda, broxburn onions, sunworks eggs, cream, butter pastry  $11  green salad  $6

warm sticky cinnamon roll  $3.75

this week’s salad – indienne potato salad $7

this week’s side – roast beets, feta, and pumpkin seeds $8

this week’s soup – chicken noodle $8

something extra – bison ale stew $9

something sweet – moms chocolate cake $6

bread – available wednesday – forage sourdough $7

book your christmas dinner sides by tuesday, december 20th!