for the week of june 19th

new chilled mocha

We love Monogram coffee. Period. If you haven’t visited their Altadore location and tasted the coffee you are missing out. We love it so much we’ve created a Chilled Mocha for the summer months. The ingredients are simple – brewed Monogram coffee, Vital Greens organic milk, organic cane sugar, and cocoa. That’s it, that’s all, five dollars. We have 500mL jars for your drinking pleasure in our cooler now.

here are the daily specials for the week of june 19th:

monday – sweet chili chicken

sunworks farm organic chicken with sweet chili glaze served with jasmine rice and coconut lemongrass vegetable salad  $18

tuesday – beef rigatoni

sunworks farm organic beef, tomato sauce, rigatoni pasta, mushrooms, spinach, béchamel, mozzarella  $11  add marinated vegetable salad  $4

wednesday – macaroni & cheese

classic comfort food! we pack ours with sylvan star gouda and cheddar cheeses  $9  bbq chicken skewer (2 oz.)  $5

thursday – vietnamese chicken salad

main course salad of sunworks farm organic chicken, rice noodles, lettuces, carrots, peppers, snap peas, cilantro, and chili lime vinaigrette  $16

friday – roast organic chicken

sunworks farm organic chicken served with buttermilk mashed potatoes and our famous gravy  $50 whole  $30 half  $16 quarter

herb buttered vegetables add on $15 whole $10 half $6 quarter

saturday – vietnamese chicken salad

a main course salad  $16

warm sticky cinnamon roll  $3.75

this week’s salad – picnic potato salad $7

this week’s side – asian asparagus salad $8

this week’s soup – sausage minestrone $8

something extra – wieners and beans $8

something sweet – carrot cake $7

bread – available wednesday – forage sourdough $7