for the week of october 2nd

On Thanksgiving

I think of Thanksgiving as an agricultural holiday.  A time to celebrate and say thanks to those who work so hard to bring us delicious, sustainable, environmentally responsible and humanely raised food.  When I was picking up our order at the Lund’s Organic Farm stall last week I was thanking Gert Lund for these very things.  He looked at me and said unfortunately he had talked to his banker who said his land was so valuable that he should sell it, invest the proceeds, and live a very comfortable retirement.  That’s the value the rest of the world puts on what Gert does for us.  He’s cared for 60 acres of organic land for 25 years and fed thousands of people yet in the end, he’s better off selling it all.  Now I know I’ve written about Gert in the past – highlighting the real cost of food and the absolute upstream battle it is for small scale farmers – but we keep losing them and their land.  They are too important to have this happen.  As you are out gathering for your feasts this weekend please take some time to find a farmer and thank them for what they do.  Often this is all they need to keep going.

Forage for Thanksgiving

You still have a couple days to get preorders in for our menu of Thanksgiving sides and baking.  Pick up will happen on Thursday and Friday (we’re closed Saturday this week).  We will produce some extra for the cooler but it will be first come first serve.  Check out the menu here and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

here’s the forage daily specials for the week of october 2nd:

monday – chicken cacciatore

sunworks farm organic chicken with tomatoes, mushrooms, wine, and herbs served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and balsamic vegetables  $18

tuesday – cranberry mushroom meatballs

sunworks farm organic beef meatballs in a mushroom sour cream sauce with cranberries served over white rice  $15

wednesday – vegetable lasagna

house made pasta, tomato sauce, spinach, mushrooms, squash, zucchini, ricotta, and mozzarella  $11  add marinated vegetables  $6

lemon rosemary chicken skewer (2 oz.)  $5

thursday – chicken pot pie

sunworks farm organic chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, and herb gravy with a buttermilk biscuit top  $11  green salad  $6

friday – roast organic chicken

sunworks farm organic chicken served with buttermilk mashed potatoes and our famous gravy  $50 whole  $30 half  $16 quarter

herb buttered vegetables add on $15 whole $10 half $6 quarter

saturday – closed for the thanksgiving weekend

this week’s salad – blue cheese & bacon potato salad $8

this week’s side – kale & sweet potato salad $8

this week’s soup – roasted beet borscht $7

something extra – hunter’s stew $9

something sweet – pumpkin cake with molasses icing $7

bread – available wednesday – cinnamon raisin $9

forage is closed saturday to monday of the thanksgiving weekend